In the interest of full disclosure, my diet was pretty unhealthy the whole time I was in Jacksonville. We ate out at least once a day, and because we were in celebration mode, we didn’t always make the healthiest choices. I didn’t document many of the meals because I wasn’t focusing on anything besides enjoying our time together, but I had to blog about a few of the places we visited.

When I visited Jax in October, we drove by Cupcake Girls Dessert Company, but it wasn’t open yet. We ate at a restaurant in the same area, though, so I went up to the door to peer inside. The owner was working and opened the door, telling us she’d be open in a week or two. I’d been excited to go back ever since — just look at the decor!

 The selection was amazing, and we had a hard time picking two. In the end, we split a Gabbie cupcake (tiramisu cupcake) at the store and took a Mimi (creme brulee cupcake with brown sugar meringue icing) home.

The tiramisu cupcake!

The creme brulee cupcake. We did not eat it until two days after we brought it home, but it was still delicious. The lopsided icing happened when we were bringing it home in the hot car — all of the Cupcake Girls’ cupcakes are done up beautifully!

Cupcake Chardonnay isn’t a dessert wine, but I couldn’t resist eating it with a cupcake. It’s delicious and tasted even better with chips and hummus. I would like to try Cupcake’s Pinot Noir eventually. Another reason Florida is awesome: You can buy beer and wine in the grocery store! (You can’t in Pennsylvania.)

The other meal I wanted to share was one we stumbled upon by accident. We were driving through a super cute neighborhood, Five Points, and we were both starving. We stopped at Deco Bistro, and when we stepped inside, I grimaced. The interior was stunning, but it looked too expensive for two frugal people who are planning a wedding.

The lunch menu was actually very reasonable, though, and we both ordered what ended up being the best $8 meal I have had in a long, long time.

The across-the-border panini was grilled chicken breasts, jalapenos and guacamole on ciabatta and it was amazing. Amazing as in, I will go back and never stray from this choice because I couldn’t bear not to order it. The fries were delicious, too. And $8?! You cannot even get lunch at Panera for $8! I’d love to go back and try something off the dinner menu, but those prices are waaaay out of our budget for awhile.