I met a friend for dinner last night at Uno Chicago Grill to ramble and beam about our engagement. I was pretty pleased with my choices: we split a harvest veggie multi-grain flatbread pizza, and I ordered a “cup” (which was actually pretty gigantic) of Italian wedding soup. (Side note: I loved the red peppers in the wedding soup.)

I didn’t take my camera because 1) it was an impromptu meeting and 2) I figured it would be a non-noteworthy, typical chain restaurant meal. It was — until we ordered dessert.

The Uno dessert menus offers four or five “mini desserts” for $1.99 each. When I think “mini dessert,” I think of those little shot-glass sized desserts, which in  my mind are one of the greatest inventions ever. “Mini dessert” implies it is small, a single serving for one person — right? Not at Uno.

I ordered the white chocolate chunk macademia nut sundane and Melissa ordered the hot chocolate brownie. When the server brought them out, I was sure she’d made a mistake. I told her we’d asked for the “mini desserts,” and she insisted these were.

My dish was the “mini” version of this “mega” sundae:


The mini version was a cookie about four inches in diameter topped with two big scoops of ice cream, marshmallow sauce and fudge. According to Uno’s online nutrition facts, it was 660 calories. I do not think anything with 660 calories should be called a “mini dessert.”

I didn’t try to send it back, because to be honest, I’m not even sure if you can do that — “No, that’s totally not what I was expecting, throw it away and don’t charge me for it”? I ate it — all 660 calories — and moved on, because regretting food is a waste of time.

Being angry at a menu misrepresentation, however, is not. On its menu, Uno states it won an award for being a healthy chain restaurant. I really think if they take healthy lifestyle choices seriously, they would not offer up a meal-sized dessert as “mini.”

What would you do if your “mini” dessert was enormous? Would you send it back?