On Saturday night, Anna from Newly Wed Newly Veg invited me to her house for dinner. It’s so crazy to think that we live less than a half mile from each other and that I used to walk by her house this summer (before we were covered in three feet of snow) — yet we only met through the blog world!

I was really excited for dinner because Anna posts such delicious, healthy meals on her blog. I am not a vegeterian, but I admire those who are because I think that, done properly, it is a very healthy lifestyle. Anna made Cocoa Coconut Chili from Eat, Drink and Be Vegan. Anna described it perfectly in her post:

“The coconut flavor was mild, but present.  It gave the chili a slightly sweet, mildly tropical flavor.  It was just enough to tickle the taste buds and give the chili a little switcheroo from your average, everyday bowl of vegetarian chili.”

We started with some of the awesome guacamole she posts about. I’d like to make it myself one of these days, but it was so good I’m afraid I’d just eat it with a spoon.

Then Anna put the finishing touches on the chili.

I was so honored to visit the Newly Wed Newly Veg kitchen. 😉

Check out her place settings — so cute!

I was in love with the yellow polka dot placemats. 🙂

Soooo good.

Anna’s husband, Ryan, snapped a blogger photo of us. He’s so nice and funny.

Gluten-free brownies for dessert … Anna told me they might taste a little off, but I honestly couldn’t tell the difference. They were just good chocolatey cakey brownies!

I had such a great with Anna and Ryan. They are funny, smart and down-to-Earth — my kind of people — and I love their home, which is comfortable, stylish and filled with books (and two cute dogs!).

The two of them teach at a local college and were bemoaning the lack of other like-minded young people in the area. It’s true. I have lived here almost three years and all of my friends are people I knew from before who ended up moving to the area, with the exception of one or two folks. My fiance is in Florida, and I’m very excited to be joining him eventually, but I will miss Anna and Ryan. Thank goodness we can still follow each other’s adventures through blogging, eh?

Thanks again for having me over, guys. It was a great dinner and even better company! 🙂