Because we got engaged on a Friday, I’ve decided to post my wedding ideas and inspiration on Fridays.  I’m sure wedding planning posts will become more frequent as we approach our wedding day, but for these early stages, you can look forward to everything weddings on Fridays on Fashionably Fit.

Last night I met with my friend Michael, who is launching an event planning business (the Web site is not up and running quite yet but will be soon). I am so lucky that he wants to help me with our wedding! If you are in central Pennsylvania, he is going to be at the Best Bridal Event on Sunday in Altoona, and you should definitely stop by his booth and say hello.

Here are a few of the ideas we bounced around last night:

  • Color palette: Michael likes my idea of fuschia, bright teal-ish blue and lime green. He assures me my love of bright colors can be translated into a fabulous — not garish — wedding.
  • Save-the-dates: I knew that I wanted to do magnets, and I wanted them to have our photo on them. He suggested ones that look like the front page of a newspaper, as I am a reporter, Tyler works in publishing and we met through his mom, whom I worked with at another newspaper. Not sure where we’ll find these, so if you have any tips, please send them my way. For a July 2011 wedding, we’ll probably send them out around October. Any sooner, and people will forget, I think, at least according to this wedding plan blog, which I recently discovered and love.
  • No head table: My friend Wendy did not have a head table at her wedding in September, and it worked really well. She and her groom sat at a table near the front of the room, but the bridal party was able to sit at tables with other guests. I like the ideas of a) not decorating a big long table b) making my bridesmaids as comfortable as possible and c) only sharing a table with my new husband on that day — our day.
  • A small two- or three-tier cake for Tyler and me to cut, and cupcakes for the guests. Cost effective and cute.

And then there is the idea that has me the most excited: EDIBLE CENTERPIECES! Not only do we not have tons of money, even if we did, I would not want to spend it on a bunch of flowers or candles or something that is going to look pretty for a few hours and then die or become clutter. Both Tyler and I hate to waste, so this is the perfect idea for us.

Michael’s sister is creative in the kitchen and would be able to put together a cute fruit centerpiece like this one for very reasonable prices, he said:


But then I saw this idea on Style Me Pretty and my heart almost stopped:

Bread centerpieces! The original SMP post said these could be put together for $15 to $20 each, but I know we could do it for less than that. And the planner and caterer are from Jacksonville — my new home! I think the bread would be cheaper than the fruit idea and far less labor intensive.

Did you have a head table? Did it work? And what did you do for centerpieces?

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