A mysterious fiery yellow ball has reappeared in the sky over Pennsylvania! I believe it is … the sun. 🙂

With temperatures in the 50s and the snow quickly melting (Anna, you may return to actual grass!), I had to head outside to run. I had run outside once since my 5K on New Year’s Eve, with a girl from work, and was itching to get back out there.

My running buddy Anne and I hit our favorite track — it’s paved with an incline, so it mimicks the road more than a rubbery track — to rack up some miles. She is recovering from knee and back injuries that have sidelined her half marathon training, and I’m out of shape, so we ran 2 miles, walked .5 and ran another. It is amazing to me that I can run 2 miles even though less than a year ago, I couldn’t run a quarter mile.

Of course, I have had a lot of running inspiration from all of the bloggers who ran the Disney Princess Half Marathon on Sunday. It has been my (not-so-secret) goal to run that race since I started running. As far as I know, they aren’t planning to retire it after this year. The Fitness Magazine half marathon training plan makes it look so doable … it says that if I can run three miles non-stop, then I can be ready for a half in eight weeks.

Maybe I will be ready for a half before next February!

The icing on the cake

Planning a wedding has turned me into a cake blog addict. I’m blown away by the things they can do with cake and fondant. It’s an art form — and a tasty one.

I was looking forward to my sister’s 21st birthday cake because, well, who doesn’t like cake? But when I went home for a visit this weekend, I learned that she had an unusual request: an Elton John birthday cake.

My mom did this cake freehand! She was embarrassed by it and threatened bodily harm if it were posted on the Interwebs, but I am so impressed by it that I will take my chances. She drew it with cake icing and decorator tips from the grocery store.


It made me long for my cheeseburger cake, which I probably won’t get this year because I’m moving 800+ miles away. I guess the fiance had better learn to bake! 🙂

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