You know what’s a total pain? Eating healthfully during the moving process.

I have a few chicken breasts to use up before I move (I am moving to Florida at the end of the month!) so last night I tried this recipe from Simply Recipes (now that is a food blog, people). It was good, but a friend stopped by as I was finishing up cooking, so I didn’t get a photo of the finished product (it wasn’t nearly as pretty as the one on

As soon as I cooked the chicken, though, I divided it into two portions and immediately put one into a Ziploc bag because otherwise, I’d just pick at it until there were three pieces left. I love chicken, even if cooking it is gross.

One of the million things I will not miss after I move is this stove, which has two settings: high and super high.

I desperately need tips on how to eat healthfully while I’m trying to pack up my life! Any suggestions?

Violet Love headbands

When another blogger  reviewed Violet Love headbands, she noted that the company was willing to send samples to other bloggers, too. I immediately sent an e-mail to Rebecca Michaels, the CEO of Violet Love, and she responded with the sweetest message:

CONGRATS ON THE ENGAGMENT and your KILLER weight loss story and motivation!! You look fabulous 🙂 and what better to have a fabulous headband for Florida with that fabulous new you sister!! Xo

The fact that she took the time to actually visit my blog and read through the pages blew me away! We also have a connection because she grew up in a town that is on the fringes of my old coverage area!

So, needless to say, I was ecstatic to find my Violet Love headbands in my mailbox yesterday. Rebecca sent me two different headbands: a signature couture print and a SHE by VL performance headband. From the VioletLove Web site:

All Violet Love headbands have a very unique construction with unfinished edges, offering our fashionable ladies endless styling possibilities. Our no-slip, no headache headbands are made from a luxurious and buttery soft nylon-lycra blend for a comfort that is unparallel.

I had to wear the signature couture print on my run last night because it matched the running jacket I had grabbed that morning.

I had honestly given up on wearing headbands while running and working out because I had never found one that would stay in place. Rebecca promised that hers were different, that they would stay in place and not slip and make me irate, and you know what? It didn’t slip! I am going to have to find a royal blue tank to wear for my four-mile race next month — I will be so stylin’!

If you are a fan of wild and crazy prints like I am, be sure to check out the Violet Love legwear, too. Rebecca, if you come up with a print that you think is just too wild and crazy, send it my way. I kinda have a thing for outlandish legwear.

This is what I wearing the night my fiance proposed. My mother saw the photo and said, “Is that really what you were wearing when you got engaged?!” Yes. Yes, it was.