Although I have no basis for comparison, I’m thinking that planning a wedding in a small town is easier in some ways because you don’t have a lot of choices. It makes decisions easier.

The venue we are leaning toward for the reception is the local Elks club. I went to see it last weekend and talk with the kitchen manager.

I have been to a reception at just about every site in our hometown over the last few years and was not super impressed by any of them. One local restaurant has a pretty nice banquet hall, but the food really sucked. I’m still not sure what flavor slime the chicken was soaked in.

Our options were several fire halls, the Knights of Columbus and the country club. The country club is nice, but not as nice as the prices would have you believe.

There are two big things that really sold me on the Elks: I was a hostess there one summer and have never had a bad meal there, and the unbeatable prices.

I am not so tactless to tell you what it costs per person (because many of my guests read this blog!) but get this: There’s a $100 deposit, which you get back, and it’s $100 to rent the room — and they will do everything for you. I can drop off my centerpieces, hot pink table linens, etc., and they will set it up and tear it down for $100.

My only reservation about the Elks is actually starting to grow on me.

Yep, the antlers on the wall. I knew they were there, and that’s actually why I didn’t even want to look at the Elks, but I don’t think they are that bad. Besides we wanted a hometown wedding, and for better or for worse, antlers on the wall are our hometown.

The receptions I have been to have run the gamut from paper plates to super classy, and I think it is the personality of the couple that determines the tone of the reception. My fiance’s mother already told me she’s “looking forward to one hell of a party,” and that’s how I look at it, too. More than anything, I want everyone to have fun.

What was the best reception you’ve ever been to? What made it special? And … what was the worst?