I like trying new, trendy restaurants as much as the next food blogger, but sometimes, you just want something simple. Simple and good.

Which is why I like Pengree’s Restaurant in Orange Park.

Pengree’s is a diner-style, family owned restaurant, hidden behind a shopping plaza. The first time we went there, I thought we were going to pull up at somebody’s house, but nope, Pengree’s is off of Kingsley Avenue, hiding behind a giant Spanish moss.

I’m becoming more of a go-out-for-breakfast person, and Pengree’s is perfect for brunch/breakfast. They serve breakfast until 2 p.m.!

I love the mismatched coffee mugs! Mine was the Arizona mug; fiance’s was the flag mug.

The only problem I have at Pengree’s is that the food is so good and they give you so much that I eat until I get sick! We took my parents to Pengree’s on Saturday morning, and I was able to stop myself before I crossed that line. It wasn’t easy, though.

I got the Italian frittata sans mushrooms. It has a chicken breast in there! I probably ate a little less than half of the frittata and all of the potatoes. I’m a starch junkie. 😦 But they were so good!

Fiance got the pecan pancakes, which I have had before and loved. So Southern! 😉

I have officially relocated to Florida, so regular posting (or as regular as I get, ha) should resume this week. I have a lot of blog reading to catch up on!