Fiance and I made our first grocery run yesterday. I was very excited to check out Publix because many of the Southern food bloggers I read mention it, and fiance is a big fan, too. It is about on par with my old grocery, Martin’s.

We scored some serious eats for around $60.

We shopped the store specials, and some awesome coupons helped out:

  • $5 off order of $20 or more at Publix (included in USPS mail forwarding confirmation paperwork)
  • Free dozen of Eggland’s Best eggs from Foodbuzz Tastemaker program (About $2.50)
  • Free Dancing Iguana spicy guacamole (from Sunday paper) (About $2.50)
  • 30 cents off Dannon Greek Yogurt (Sunday paper)

I am very lucky because my fiance also tries to be healthy. As my weight loss progressed, lots of people told me that it would be difficult to maintain once I were living with a man. I’ve seen women in new relationships gain weight, of course, for a variety of reasons — the new partner is sedentary, it’s easier to cuddle on the couch than go for a run, and maybe they’re eating like a man — fries, burgers, bacon, the works.

It is a huge help to share a home and a life with someone who approachs eating the way I do. But even if your significant other isn’t into healthy eats, there are ways to maintain your weight and lifestyle:

  • Take over the meal planning. Knowing what I am going to eat and when I am going to eat it is one of the top reasons I’ve been successful. There is no guesswork — and indulgences usually occur when you’re starving.
  • Health-ify some guy friendly meals. Turkey burgers and oven-baked sweet potato fries are delicious and a pretty decent alternative to the standard burger-and-fries. You probably won’t get him to eat it on a sandwich thin, though. Chili is another food that’s really easily to lighten up, whether with ground turkey or a vegetarian recipe.
  • Just shut up about it. The more you talk about why you eat what you eat and why he shouldn’t eat what he wants, the more he is going to tune you out. That goes for anyone who isn’t into healthy living, not just men.  It is one of the reasons I started a food blog — most people don’t eat this way, don’t live this way, don’t think this way and don’t really get why you do. If you’re in charge of meals and cooking, he’ll eat what you make — but he doesn’t need to hear about it.