I found a new favorite at Super Target yesterday.

It was as delicious as it sounds! At 170 calories per two tablespoons, it has a tad fewer calories than most peanut butters (which usually have 190 calories per two tablespoons). There are no artificial ingredients but it does have added sugar (6g per serving).

I had to try it immediately.

I spread some of the new peanut butter on a sandwich thin half and had some strawberries with it.

Because of a late morning workout, I didn’t eat a real lunch yesterday; I had a bowl of cottage cheese and cinnamon before I left for Target, and this when I returned.

This, of course, is bigger than a snack should be, because it was half of my lunch. Snacking was a huge help to me when I first started to lose weight, because I never had to worry about being hungry.  I knew I”d be eating every few hours.

But I can’t help but wonder if snacking is foiling my efforts to lose the rest of my weight. Eating a snack at a certain time is so ingrained in my daily rituals that I don’t always ask myself I am truly hungry and need the snack.

So, lately, I’ve been tackling a chore before I have my snack. You’ll read it in every weight loss advice article out there: Distract yourself until the craving passes. This morning, I fussed with our engagement cars and found that no, I wasn’t really hungry, I just knew that my new peanut butter was in the cupboard and wanted a bite.

I love greeting cards. I could spend hours at Hallmark. I love receiving them, and I love sending them.

How do you beat the snack attack?