If you read the travel section of any newspaper, chances are you’ve heard of Savannah, Ga. It’s a beautiful, historical Southern town, and I couldn’t wait to check it out.

Spanish moss

The riverwalk, with shops and restaurants along the Savannah River. The head in the picture is my friend Kassia. Fiance and I spent the whole day in Savannah with Kassia, walking the streets and enjoying its beauty. It has several town squares with little parks, and everything is in bloom.


There’s just so much charm in Savannah.

You can take a horse-drawn carriage tour of the city.

The Olde Pink House, a fancy restaurant on Abercorn Street.

We were planning to eat lunch at J. Christopher’s, but it closed at 2 p.m., so we walked another few blocks and debated between Mellow Mushroom and Six Pence Pub. Ultimately, we chose Six Pence Pub; there’s a Mellow Mushroom about 20 minutes from our house.

We wanted to try something a little different but ended up disappointed. I had the chicken saltimbucca.

The chicken and potatoes were good, and I used a little gravy on the potatoes, but it just lacked that “wow” factor.

Fiance felt the same about his meal, bangers and mash, which was an English sausage recipe.

We both wished we’d just gone with something from the sandwich menu, as the house specialties turned out to be not-so-special. There a lot of places to eat in Savannah, and Six Pence Pub is not one that I would recommend.

I would, however, list our next stop as a must-go if you are in Savannah: Leopold’s Ice Cream. It’s apparently a Savannah institution, though I hadn’t heard of it before. The line was out the door, and because it was a busy, tourist-y Saturday, they were out of  a lot of their flavors, including the seasonal Japanese cherry blossom.

So I settled for a scoop of the other seasonal flavor, lavendar, and a scoop of lemon custard. Ahh-mazing.

There are so many things we didn’t even attempt: Paula Deen’s restaurant (supposedly ungodly expensive anyway) and Mrs. Wilkes’ Dining Room (we plan to go there next time, it just didn’t work with our schedule this time). 

The whole time we were in Savannah, I was on the look out for Ruby Gettinger, the star of weight loss reality show “Ruby” on the Style Network, who lives in Savannah. I love, love, love her show, and it was one of the few reasons I kept my cable subscription at my old house. Fiance and Kassia are not big Ruby fans, but I told them that I would create a huge scene if we saw her. Sadly, we did not, but I did not do any research as to whether she does public appearances or anything in Savannah. Next time — I have to meet Ruby!