I know very little about wine. I know that I like mine on the sweeter side and on the cheaper side, and I liked supporting my local wineries in Pennsylvania. (Frog Hollow from Brookemere Winery in Reedsville, Pa., is probably my favorite). But I can’t tell you anything about bouquets or notes or what kind of wine goes with what dishes. I was lucky enough to go to a swanky wine tasting at the Philly Flower Show in 2009 and joked, “Where’s the Arbor Mist?”

Now that my wine background is out there, I have to share my new favorite wine: Fu-ki Cherry wine.

I wasn’t sure what to expect with this wine, because I didn’t buy it. Fu-Ki wine background: I received this bottle in a bottle exchanged hosted by my young professionals’ group in Pennsylvania. It was our holiday networking event, and I remember it well because it was the day after my friend Turley passed away, and I was mentally spent. But I promised my running buddy I would go, so I did.

The bottle exchange was taking way too long, with more than 50 people involved. The rules were that if you took a gift-wrapped bottle (wine or liquor) off the table, you had to stand around with it and someone called after you could steal it. Once a bottle was stolen, it was retired, so if you chose something someone else had unwrapped, your turn in the bottle exchange was done. All I wanted was for my number to be called so I could grab a bottle and go.

Finally, my number was called and I looked at all the bottles people were holding. The Fu-Ki wine grabbed my eye because it looked so different. I took my bottle and hightailed it out of the Ramada.

I wasn’t saving the Fu-Ki wine for anything special, but I never had a reason to drink it before I moved, so I brought it along. For some reason, I felt tonight was the night. We paired it with a frozen Kashi pizza (which I won’t be having again for awhile, as the Publix special has ended 😦 ).

This wine was sweet and delicate, just like the Gemini Spirits & Wine Web site promises. The one caveat I would offer, though, is that you have to really like cherries and cherry flavor to like this wine. If you come across it in the grocery or liquor store, I’d grab it, because it just so good. It has the slightest aftertaste of alcohol, which means that this wine should be used with caution — it’d be very easy to get drunk on this wine without realizing how much you’d had to drink. Then you’d end up looking like Drama.

Tell me about your favorite wine.