The fact that I have never posted about oatmeal makes me somewhat of an anomaly in the food and health blog world. I understand it’s healthy, filling and versatile, but I just can’t be bothered to cook most mornings. Plus, my oatmeal experience was limited to the instant variety several years ago, and I was just never wild about a bowl of watery mush.

Enter Bob’s Red Mill Steel Cut Oats.

I won a really nice sampler pack from Bob’s in a giveaway on one of my new favorite blogs, A Foodie Stays Fit. It came in the mail on Thursday, complete with a bowl scraper. I thought it would one of Teri’s recipes would make a nice treat for Sunday breakfast: Bruleed Banana Steel Cut Oats. Unfortunately, Sunday is grocery day, so we were out of bananas, but we had the key ingredients: brown sugar and steel cut oats. I made the oats per the package directions and stuck them under the broiler for a breakfast that was decadent enough to be dessert.

I used about a half tablespoon of brown sugar on each of our bowls, and it was more than enough to make the oatmeal sweet. It made me think of how I’d dump gigantic spoonfuls of sugar on already sugary cereal in high school. That would make me sick today!

As far as the oats go: I really, really liked the steel cut oats. They were more chewy than mushy, which is the exact reason Fiance didn’t care much for them at first, but he said they grew on him by the time he’d eaten the whole bowl. He’s a fan of the instant packets (Quaker only, he tells me,  especially the Dino Egg variety). It’s funny how much texture preferences influence our food choices.

Thanks again for the oats, Teri. I’m looking forward to experimenting with the rest of the samples.

New blogging venture

I am very excited to be joining a group of like-minded health bloggers, Hollaback Health. The group’s mission statement:

We are healthy living bloggers who are on a mission to break the health blogging mold. We believe there’s more than one way to live a healthy life and there’s more than one way to write about it. We feel that health blogs are starting to struggle and, well…that sh*t is bananas.

Some of my favorite bloggers are part of the group, and it’s a mission with which I couldn’t agree more. I have recently removed a lot of blogs from my Google reader — blogs that I loved when I first started reading and blogging. There is more to food and health blogging than photos of oatmeal, smoothies, etc., and a million photos of yourself.

We all like that personal touch on blogs — photos of the blogger, the blogger’s family and friends. But there is a fine line between “personal” and “the awesome adventures of me and my awesome life.” I read health blogs because I want to learn about healthy living tips, advice and new products, not because I want to see 75 photos of your afternoon walk.

I’ll be posting at Hollaback Health occasionally; my debut post will be Tuesday.