In March I resigned from my full-time reporting job to move 1,000 miles to be with my fiance. I had four full-time jobs and two diferent part-time jobs since I graduated from college in 2006, and I had never left one without having another lined up.

A lot of people had (and probably still have) opinions about my decision. I didn’t (and still don’t) care. I know what’s best for me.

I’ve made it to the final round of interviews for two seemingly perfect jobs and two big companies. These jobs had everything I want: Normal hours, health insurance and a salary that could buy food, pay student loans and have enough leftover for eyebrow waxes and date nights.

 In the end, I was rejected from both. At first I was devastated by these rejections. And then I panicked. How are we going to pay bills? Plan a wedding? What about a gym membership? And I really wanted to get a bookshelf for the living room. UGH!

I soon realized that there are worse things than being unemployed, in love and residing in the Sunshine State, and that I needed to chill out. I’ve always been goal-oriented, but my weight loss journey and healthy living mission have kinda kicked that trait into overdrive.

As soon as I was able to run a mile, I wanted to run two. When I completed my first 5K, I immediately wanted to sign up for a 10K. I am 25 pounds and a size and a half from my goal, and I am still unhappy with my weight and constantly fixated on the goal.

So I need a job and I need to lose 25 pounds, but I’m focusing on just enjoying life. I have some sweet freelance work lined up. I’ve applied to retail and restaurants and I’m just over the anxiety. As my wise friend Jenni told me before I moved, “Eh, these things have a way of working themselves out.”

How do you stay in the moment?