Jillian Michaels might have sold out with her line of diet pills for GNC, but she’s still my girl. I still get no small thrill from watching her scream at “Biggest Loser” contestants and hearing her tough-love encouragement on “The 30-Day Shred.” My only real problem with her is now she’s saying she wants to replace Oprah, and that’s my goal.


Jillian is under fire for some comments she made to Women’s Health magazine in an interview for the upcoming issue. She says if she decides to become a parent, she will adopt. She will not give birth to her own children because she “can’t handle doing that to her body.”

I get where you’re coming from, girl. Jillian was obese as a teenager, which is one reason I love her — she actually knows what it’s like to have been overweight and does not look like that by accident.

Several psychology experts quoted in the online articles said that given Jillian’s position as a fitness guru, she shouldn’t be telling the masses that babies ruin bodies. It’s not good for women’s self esteem, they say.

 Ask anyone who has lost a significant amount of weight and most will tell you that they fear pregnancy weight gain; a fellow health blogger articulated her thoughts really well earlier this week. It’s not about self esteem, and it’s not about vanity. It’s because once you’ve successfully lost weight, you don’t ever, ever want to regress, no matter what the reason.

My other theory is that Jillian is 36 years old, which makes her a senior citizen, reproductively speaking. I’d say if you were still childless at that stage of the game and hoping for a family, you probably wouldn’t want to go on record talking about how desperately you want to be a mother, just in case it doesn’t happen for you. This way, if she “has” to adopt, it’ll look like that’s been her plan all along.