Because our engagement photos were Mother’s Day gifts, I couldn’t post about them right away. But when we visited Savannah, Ga., in April, part of the trip was a photo shoot with my friend Kassia. Kassia worked as a newspaper photographer and designer for several years and has degrees in art and communications/photojournalism from Penn State. In the next few months, she’s going to start her own photography business. So our need for engagement photos and her need to build up a portrait portfolio coincided perfectly.

Kassia and I work coworkers at one point, and sometimes, she’d shoot photos to go along with a story I was writing, or we’d bounce page layout ideas off of each other, so it was really interesting — and really fun — to be on the other side of her camera.

Kassia primarily serves the Hilton Head/Bluffton, S.C., southern Georgia and northern Florida areas, but she’s available for travel. If you have any questions about her photography (engagements, weddings, portraits) you can e-mail her at kmpisklak AT yahoo DOT com. Southern brides — book her while you can! (She’s not shooting my wedding, because she’s in it, but I’m hoping she’ll be my official race photographer in a few races later this year. 🙂 )

Bridesmaids’ dresses

I have five bridesmaids, who range in height from 5’2 to 6 feet tall. They’re all built very differently. I am fairly certain that there is not one dress that would flatter all of them, but even if there were, I don’t want them all in the same dress. I just don’t like the way it looks in photos, and I want them to be comfortable and feel cute. My idea right now is to have two girls in a lighter shade of “raspberry,” two girls in a darker shade, and the MOH in a print.

But I will be completely honest: While I want each ‘maid to love her dress and have a great time, I’m way more concerned about my own dress and how I look. So I kind of turned the bridesmaids’ dress options over to the bridesmaids.  My line of thinking is kind of like Charlotte’s from that one S&TC episode: “I have been tasteful and appropriate in seven other weddings! This time, people are going to look at me!” (Let’s just hope none of the bridesmaids think like that! Ha!) But I just really can’t fathom stressing out about their dresses, so it just made sense to let them do the searching. The only thing that concerns me is colors, so I may end up going to David’s Bridal and giving them a specific shade. Oh, and I did tell them that the dresses won’t be full length. Maybe I’m not as cool and calm about this as I thought.

The biggest problem that we’re having in our search is that pretty much all bridesmaids dresses are, well, ugly. Even in bridal magazines, some of the dresses modeled and advertised are just terrible. For awhile I thought maybe I’d just tell them all to go get a black dress they look good in, but then I realized that that is not me at all (I’m all about color) and that black dresses in a July wedding would look stupid. Kelsey found this dress online, and all of the girls and I love it, but I don’t think any of the colors would work:


OK, brides and bridesmaids, let’s hear your bridesmaids dress stories! What’s the worst bridesmaid get-up you’ve seen? I’m inclined to say anything that includes a bolero.