I am a diehard “Sex and the City” fan, so as you could probably guess, I loved “Sex and the City 2.”

I never expected them to surpass the first film, and, well, they didn’t. But it’s still Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte — how could you not like it? I love S&TC for the fantasy it is — the fashion, the friendship, the city, the stories.

Favorite parts:

  • Stanford and Anthony’s wedding. Love Liza Minelli, and how cute was it to see Stanford’s parents?
  • When Big is in the town car downstairs and “Suddenly, it was 1998 again.” If only they’d worked “abso-fuckin’-lutely” into that scene
  • When Miranda quits her job and makes it to Brady’s science fair
  • How bitchy Carrie is toward Charlotte in Abu Dhabi
  • When Aiden shows Carrie his three boys — Homer, Wyatt and Tate. “Sounds like a country music band!”
  • When Samantha’s Birkin is broken and she starts screaming at the men in the street
  • All of the fashions, especially the red-and-white dress Charlotte wears on the plane to Abu Dhabi
  • When Charlotte and Miranda share drinks in Abu Dhabi
  • The way Big’s character has evolved

My only complaint is that there wasn’t much of a storyline for Charlotte or Miranda. Harry and Steve are hardly in the movie, but I think Steve has aged worse than anyone in the cast (weirdly, Magda hasn’t aged at all).

The S&TC crew could keep making movies until they’re “The Golden Girls,” and I’ll still go. I think the characters and their stories are infinite — here’s to S&TC 3!

Let’s discuss! What did you think of the film?