One of the many great things about moving to such a different region of the country is soaking up all of the regional flavors. Last weekend, fiance and I took a day trip to Fernandina Beach. It’s a really cute little town.

When you first turn off of I-95, you might hear duelin’ banjos, but downtown Fernandina is very cute and quaint, renowned for its shrimp

We ate at the FernanDeli, which we chose solely because of its cute name.

We both ordered paninis, but they were out of the flat bread, so we both asked for marble rye. I got the Tuscan Chicken Grilled Panini, and fiance ordered the Italian Grilled Cheese and Tomato Panini.

Fiance has adopted my standard thumbs up pose in photos. He’s also much better at remembering to photograph food for the blog than I am and always willing to pose.

By the time we got into town, we realized it’d been six hours since we’d eaten, so we got two bags of chips, too.

The chips were OK. Junk food never tastes as good as I remember (pizza, of course, being the exception). On the menu, the FernanDeli advertises that you can DM your order to them on Twitter! I thought that was so cool.

After we refueled we were off to explore the town. Fernandina is known for its antique shops, which make fiance crazy and make me want every. single. weird. thing. that I see.

This particular antique store had several displays set up like rooms.

This little display reminded me of one of my favorite bloggers.

I’d have grabbed it for you, Rose, but it was $100.

There are a couple cute coffee and bake shops in Fernandina, so we popped into the closest one when we wanted dessert.

We hemmed and hawed over what to get. I really wanted to try a chocolate cupcake with lemon icing, but fiance wasn’t feeling the lemon icing. Then, we saw our favorite in another case, and the problem was solved.

Red velvet! It had cream cheese frosting, and we both agreed that buttercream is best for red velvet. The frosting was very cold, probably because if the bakery weren’t air conditioned the frosting would melt all over the place. The cake, however, was to die for.

Walking off the cupcake wasn’t a big deal — Fernandina is such a cute, quaint town. It reminded me of several little towns in Pennsylvania. It seemed like I always ended up living next to the quaint little areas of Pennsylvania, in the scummy next town over. Oh, well.

One of the stores downtown, Bijoux Amelia, was ending its lease in that location and selling almost everything for $10. Of course, I could not help myself.

We parked near the center of downtown and thought the beach was only four blocks away … and it ended up being a mile and a half away! Oh, well. I can always use the extra activity — although my weak right ankle didn’t feel so hot after three miles in flip flops.

Right as we got to the beach I spotted a woman with a decent looking Nikon camera hanging off her neck. I always feel that people with cameras are safe bets to ask to take your photo — they’re not going to run off with your camera. I also mistakenly thought that because she had a nice camera she might frame the photo nicely because we were between two palm trees.

She didn’t.

For more information on Fernandina Beach, check out the town’s tourism Web site.