I’ve gotten a few comments lately that our engagement is rather long. I didn’t think so when we picked a date –- we got engaged in February and are getting married in July 2011 – and now that we’re down to just over a year to go, I know it isn’t too long. I was the maid of honor in my friend Melissa’s wedding, and she and her husband were engaged for a year and eight months. My friend Wendy was engaged for about nine months. I guess it’s just about whatever works for you, and our 17-month engagement works for us because we’re doing most of our planning long distance. My MOH reassured me that it was fine, that she’s had friends who were engaged for years. I don’t know if I could take that kind of anticipation!

I’m enjoying our engagement because there’s time to just enjoy it. To look at all the little pretty things and daydream and rip pages from Martha Stewart Weddings and browse TheKnot.com for hours on end and drool over StyleMePretty.com. I built a (messy) inspiration board via BigHugeLabs.com, just to play with all the prettiness that’s floating around in my head.



I know, I know. There’s a lot of pink. But I love color, and specifically, I love pink. I love whimsy. And my wedding is going to reflect that – without being garish.

I’m enjoying all of this daydreaming and planning and idea gathering because I have been involved with enough weddings to know that the planning becomes very tedious very soon. So before the stress of budgeting and seating charts and invitations starts to unfold, I’m just enjoying the fun stuff. The pretty stuff.

The church where we plan to marry won’t confirm our date until it’s exactly a year away, so after we get the official confirmation, we’ll really get cracking. We need to find a Methodist church where we can do the pre-marital classes, and take care of the one detail fiance is really into: the registry. (His exact words, if I remember correctly, were, “I’m jazzed about this registry business.”)

Now, why doesn’t Kitchen Aid make a hot pink mixer?