I never feel as close to the edge as when placing a latte order. It’s so easy for a simple mistake — that I probably wouldn’t even taste — to add so many calories. Liquid calories. Empty, albeit delicious, calories. The kind of calories that make you fat.

So you can imagine how my eyebrows shot up when the girl called my name and there was a giant — giahugic, even — paper cup on the bar.  Uh, no, I told her. I ordered a tall skinny cinnamon dolce latte, which in your twisted yuppie lingo means SMALL. She look confused so I just said, fine, whatever, it’s OK, there are 20 people and a whiny toddler waiting here. She only charged us for a tall (small), so that was a small (tall?) victory.

My mind instantly started calculating the additonal calories. I guessed if a tall had around 90 calories, the giahugic (excuse me, venti) had around 180. The Starbucks’ nutritional guide is confusing. When it first loaded, it had the skinny cinnamon dolce latte with 2 percent milk … but I was under the impression that any beverage listed as “skinny” would be made with skim milk. When I switched the menu to skim milk, my venti latte had 160 calories, so I really hope that’s what they used. Not bad for a beverage so big … see?

Drama posed with my cup for size comparison. That’s a lotta latte!

Don’t worry, it was empty. I love her and all, but … she doesn’t get near things that go in my mouth.

Understand this: This is not a matter of obsessing over 70 – 90 extra calories, because I don’t do that. I do, however, believe in being aware of everything you consume, because it all adds up. We had a rather indulgent weekend, eating every meal out, because fiance’s parents were here. My parents will be here in a few days, which means more restaurant meals (and a birthday cake!) So it’s extra important to keep everything on track this week.

It’s a very fine line between being obsessed and being aware, and I know that. But you really do have to be aware of that nibble here, that bite or two there — because it all adds up.