For my last couple birthdays, I have requested a hamburger cake. Because I frequently write about my unabashed love for meat and dairy products, that might sound gross, but don’t worry, this is an actual cake. That looks like a hamburger.

My mom made this for a picnic at some point in my early 20s, and it quickly became my obsession. Those of you who read my blog in its previous incarnation (on my former employer’s Website) may remember the cake from my 24th birthday and, oh wait, from this blog on my 25th birthday. But this cake is so awesome that I can’t shut up about it.

It’s pretty simple to make. You need a box of golden butter cake mix, a box of brownie mix, two cans of icing, food coloring and strawberries and kiwis.

Golden butter cake = bun; brownie mix = burger; strawberries and kiwis = tomatoes and pickles; icing and food coloring = lettuce and mayonnaise.

You bake the cake and brownie mix according to package directions. Once the cake has cooled, you cut it into two pieces, for the bun.

Then you put the lettuce and mayo — the icing! — on the bottom bun and add half of the strawberries and kiwis.

Then you put the burger on top of it.

We used Funfetti brownie mix for the burger. We decided it was an onion burger, ha! This photo shows the biggest problem with the burger cake — it can be hard to get out of the pan. But you can easily piece it back together and use icing — cheese! — to hold it together.

We used red and yellow food coloring to make the cheese-colored icing. Then you add the “tomatoes” and pickles” take the other half of the golden cake and top it off to make the bun!

This is a really decadent cake, between the golden cake and brownie and buttercream icing. You have to refrigerate it because of the fruit, too. It’s soooo good and sure to be a hit for any birthday, picnic or other summer celebration!