Between spending the last few years as a professional wedding-goer and my adoration of housewares and kitchen gadgets, I am beyond ecstatic to register for gifts. We will probably do that in the next month or so, but this week, we received what I’m counting as our first wedding gift: A roaster oven.

… Or is it a cat perch? Zoey seems to think so.

We are planning on hosting fiance’s parents for Thanksgiving dinner this year, and my mom decided we needed a roaster oven. She uses my grandma’s to cook for holidays and swears there is no better way to cook a turkey.

Picking up the roaster from the store was a reminder of the registry fun to come. The day after we got engaged, we were dancing around in the kitchen while the coffee was brewing and fiance said, “You know, I’m jazzed about this registry business.”

Me too, buddy. We’ve been compiling a mental list since moving in together and it includes lots of fun things, like Fiesta Dinnerware (I like the mix-and-match colors; he likes that’s it made in the USA) and a pink KitchenAid mixer and all of its glorious attachments.

And a slew of other household items — new bedding, photo frames, pots and pans, bakeware. All the good stuff. There will not, however, be any electronics or — cringe! — video games.

I started to notice this as a trend and was so disturbed that I wrote a story about the do’s and don’ts of the wedding registry when I was reporting full time. None of the experts I interviewed — reps from Bed Bath and Beyond and Pennsylvania-based retailer Boscov’s wanted to come right out and say, “Don’t register for a Wii,” but the message was loud and clear: You should register for items that you can use for years to come.

Call me old fashioned, but we are definitely sticking to traditional registry items. Registries are meant to help you set up house, but even if you’re already living together, who couldn’t use shiny, fun new stuff to celebrate your married life? Running a household is tough. You might as well go into it well prepared.

I know. Everyone can register for whatever they want; even etiquette expert Peggy Post says so, but suggests registering for traditional items, too — for guests like me, who purse their lips when electronics and sporting goods make their way on to the registry.

What was your registry like — traditional? Filled with Wiis and kayaks? What was the best present you received?

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