Friday used to be date night, but because we both loathe traffic and crowded public establishments with a passion, we’ve starting going out mid-week. This was the first week for homemade pizza Friday, and it’s a hit. We love it.

I used my whole wheat honey pizza crust recipe from this post.

And took a hint from Rachel and used a Greek spice blend on the crust before spreading on the sauce. Then I layered spinach, turkey bacon that I’d fried and crumbled, and freshly shredded mozzarella cheese (we are never, ever buying that pre-shredded junk again) and red onions.

With some vino (for me; beer for fiance). No crowds, no fuss, no tip and — there’s leftovers for tomorrow and a dough ball in the freezer for next week.

Do you have a Friday night tradition?