I feel a little silly “reviewing” Biscotti’s Restaurant on my blog, when the New York Times has already been there and raved about the place. It was one of those places that came up every time I’d Google Jacksonville restaurants while I was stuck in Pennsylvania, and yet we still hadn’t managed to make it there after almost six months. But on Saturday evening, we met our new friends Emily and Bob at Biscotti’s, and it didn’t disappoint.

We started with soup: Sweet potato and roasted red pepper and beef tenderloin chili.

Other than getting stuck in a restaurant rut, one of the reasons we had held off on Biscotti’s for so long is because it seemed really expensive. It’s in a trendy area, and they don’t list prices on their online menu — two red flags that this might not be the place for two poor kids planning a wedding.

But Emily assured me that it wasn’t too expensive. No, it’s not $7 Mexican food, but the prices surprised me. There were dinner specials for $20 and up, but there were also lots of entrees that were reasonably priced. I got the meatloaf with apricot marina and field greens, which was $10.50. Not bad at all!

The apricot and tomato flavors combined for a sweet, tangy sauce. It was excellent!

Fiance chose an appetizer for his entree, and it was around the same price. It was the Mediterranean trio and included tabbouleh, hummus and another dip we can’t remember. It was served with naan bread.

Emily and Bob both chose grilled foccacia stuffed with marinated veggies and pasta salad.

We had been hearing all about Biscotti’s desserts, and we each ordered one. Fiance got tiramisu.

Most of it went home with us in a box — it was as mammoth as it looks in the photo! I got the bread pudding because our server said it was a really different bread pudding, made with croissants and drunken raisins. I love regular bread pudding, and this was amazing.

The desserts are definitely where you can rack up a pretty steep bill — these were $7.50 each. But all of their desserts are such mammoth portions that there is no reason you couldn’t share. We definitely can’t go to Biscotti’s on a regular basis, but it’s an excellent treat. And you have to treat yourself once in awhile, right?

What’s your favorite “splurge” restaurant?