Hard to believe, but in addition to the luxurious grazing that filled our hours in St. Augustine, we also ate two sit-down meals.

Fiance’s coworker recommended the Wildflower Cafe, which is about six miles from the historic district and closer to the beach. This friend has given us several restaurant recommendations, and the Wildflower Cafe was another excellent one. When we arrived, I noticed a Steelers sticker on the front door and a Terrible Towel on the wall, I asked the waitress if the owner was from Pittsburgh. She said yes, and that he was working in the kitchen. I told her to tell him that I am the proud owner of a Greg Lloyd jersey and that fiance and I are from central Pennsylvania.

She returned from the kitchen excited to report that the owner had taken several camping trips to Prince Gallitzin State Park, which is close to where fiance and I grew up and very close to where I was working before I moved to Florida. The waitress herself was from northeastern Pennsylvania and incredibly friendly.

The food arrived quickly and was just as good as the service. As soon as I heard that crepes were on special, my mind was made up. I did not even know what a crepe was until I visited my friend Kelsey in Baltimore in 2007 and she took me to her friendly neighborhood creperie in Fell’s Point. Ever since then I’ve been on the lookout for good crepes.

They were stuffed with ricotta and soooo goooood.

Fiance ordered eggs Benedict and grits. (We’re working on becoming real Southerners.)

True to his flexitarian ideals, fiance wasn’t a fan of the ham on the eggs Benedict, so I ate the meat on one of the eggs, and he ate about half of one of my crepes. We’re a good match.

Fun story: The waitress noticed me taking photos of the food (which can be awkward, but I just try to do it confidently, and no one has ever questioned me) and came running back over. “Oh! Let me take your picture, too!” During the Steelers/central Pennsylvania discussion I had mentioned we were celebrating our anniversary.

When I handed over my camera, she saw my ring and said, “OH! YOU’RE ENGAGED!”  So I told her the story of how we met and she made a big fuss.  Pretty much everyone in the restaurant was gawking at this point, but because he’s been with me for a year, fiance is used to scenes in public, so he didn’t even bat an eye at all this commotion.

There was a lot of walking between brunch and the grazing, and before we knew it, it was getting on toward dinnertime. (And by dinnertime I mean around 6 p.m.  I know that makes us senior citizens, but we have low tolerance for crowds and long waits, so we figured the earlier, the better.) We headed to A1A Ale Works, which is a microbrewery and restaurant. We had coupons for free half pints and each tried the Porpoise Point Pale Ale — I really liked it. I’ve found that microbrews can sometimes be too hoppy-tasting for my preferences, but not the Porpoise Point Pale Ale.

We asked to eat outside, overlooking Mantanzas Bay and the Bridge of Lions. It was a little hot for dining al fresco, but not too bad. We saw several horse-drawn carriages on the street below, but there was some contruction that kind of marred the view.

I had a terrible time deciding what to order. My first instinct was to get the ale and cheddar soup with a salad and bread, but for some reason, I went with the mango barbecue chicken breast.

In a word: Lackluster. There was nothing wrong with this, but nothing terribly right about it, either. Afterward, I was full but not satisfied and kicking myself for not trying the soup, the house specialty. I decided to just go for it and asked for a cup of the soup.

In a word: Amazing. If you are dining in St. Augustine, go to A1A Aleworks, get the soup and a beer, and just enjoy the view. All will be right in your world. (In the interest of fair and balanced blogging, I should mention that fiance tried the soup and was unimpressed. It was “too creamy” and “too spicy.” I’m not sure if something can be “too creamy,” but as far as spices go, I felt like this was just really flavorful, not spicy.)

Coming Thursday: How to enjoy such an indulgent day sans guilt — and weight gain