Our sugar high didn’t end with the chocolate factory tour on our day trip to St. Augustine. No, I actually went to the trouble of looking online to see if St. Augustine had a cupcake bakery, and in fact, they do: LuLi’s Cupcakes on San Marco Street.

This should come as no surprise; I have written about my adoration of  cupcakes and their built-in portion control, baking cupcakes  and visiting Sweet Carolina Cupcakes in Hilton Head and Cupcake Girls in Jacksonville Beach.

LuLi’s, I am happy to report, did not disappoint.

En route to LuLi’s, both fiance and I admitted we weren’t really hungry yet. But it was mini-vacation! We decided to split a cupcake and scoop of ice cream, and as luck would have it, LuLi’s was having a special: One cupcake and one scoop of ice cream for $3.50. Score!

Every flavor they had sounded delicious. I wanted to try the “Italian stallion”: A lemon cupcake with Mascarpone cream cheese frosting and hazelnut crumble, but fiance doesn’t like lemon. Eventually we settled on the chocolate peanut butter cupcake and a scoop of red velvet cake ice cream (which was a nice compromise, because I really wanted the red velvet cupcake).

I loved LuLi’s and will definitely visit the bakery on our next trip. I was slightly disappointed by the employee who served us. She wasn’t friendly, and really, how can you work in a cupcake bakery and be anything but bubbly? I asked her about the red velvet cake and she said that the frosting was “just regular cream cheese,” but I later read on the website that the red velvet cupcakes have a “crushed pecan cream cheese frosting.” If I had known that, I definitely would have ordered the red velvet.

We were almost ready to leave the city when we stumbled upon The Hyppo and its gourmet popsicles on Hypolita Street. Just the sign was enough to draw me inside.

Thought bubble: “Popsicles? Those are made of ice — no calories!”

Well, not quite. These are gourmet popsicles, so they’re made mostly of fruit. They had quite a selection of flavors and I debated for awhile on which one to try. The employee we spoke with was very friendly and really enthusiastic and answered all of my questions. She didn’t have nutrition facts but said there was very little sugar in the popsicles, as they use natural flavorings.

Eventually I settled on the horchata, which was a cinnamon and rice milk popsicle.

I loved this flavor! I know we will make a point to visit The Hyppo whenever we are in St. Augustine, and I loved the horchata so much I don’t know if I could bear to go there and not get the horchata — even though they have so many delicious-sounding flavors!

Coming this afternoon: A celebratory brunch and dinner in St. Augustine

Coming Thursday: The key to enjoying a day like this without gaining weight