I can tell you that never once did I think of food as a creative outlet when I weighed 300 pounds. Cooking took too long and was too complicated; I needed instant gratification — pizza delivery, fast food drive-thrus, frozen onion rings. Baking seemed kind of silly when I could go to the store and buy a package of Swiss Cake Rolls or Zebra Cakes or my all-time favorites, those fudge-y chocolate brownies with rainbow chips — I think their proper name is Cosmic Brownies.

I wonder how much Little Debbie’s sales have fallen since the beginning of my weight loss.

But anyway,  it’s still a new feeling when I have that urge to get in the kitchen and make stuff. Not only to feed us, but also to admire the way ingredients come together.

Even though I’ve been making our pizza from scratch for some time, I still enjoy the process of mixing the dough, kneading the dough, letting it rise and rolling it out.

Nothing beats the fact that this started with my own two hands dipping my measuring cup into the flour.

Except, maybe cookies fresh from the oven.

I had pretty much stopped baking this summer because I was only working part time and was at home for most of the day.  It was too easy to nibble here and nibble there, and the next thing you know, half the batch is gone. Now that I’m working full time, my cookie exposure is limited, so it’s OK to have them in the house again.

In the foreground are sugar cookies with rainbow sprinkles, from this recipe. Unfortunately, I only had about half the all-purpose flour necessary, so I substituted with cake flour. Not a total disaster but they do not have the texture of traditional sugar cookies (well, duh). They’re, uh, more cake-y. Duh.

Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies from Joy the Baker.

All of this kitchen creativity makes me wish I could sew, if only so I could make homemade costumes for the puggle.

Hector likes dressing up. When we brought home his costume, he grabbed it in his mouth and ran around the house with it. I put it on him, and he wore it all night.

Tell me about your latest kitchen creation.