Fun fact: Did you know if you wait until Christmas Eve to buy your turkey breast, there will only be Gigantor-sized birds left at the grocery?

It’s true.

So after I cooked a six-pound turkey breast for two people on Christmas Day, I searched for recipes to use up the leftover meat. I mean, you can only eat so many turkey sandwiches before you “forget” your lunch in your car and only “remember” after it’s gone bad so you “have” to eat out. (Maybe that’s just me.)

I settled on Chicken Pesto Spinach Soup from Eating Well, which I found via Your Nutrionista. Shredding the turkey breast was an easy swap for the chicken breast, and using jarred pesto made this one of the easiest dishes I’ve ever cooked.


It has been unseasonably cold in Florida, so this soup really hit the spot!

What are you doing with your Christmas leftovers? I still have a ton of turkey left!