As someone who blogs about weight loss, I feel like I have to say something about New Year’s resolutions, since so many of them are geared toward getting in shape.

I think making a list of resolutions is a great step to take, whether it’s Jan. 1 or May 25 (which is the date I joined a gym in 2005, weighing 309 pounds). I had made several New Year’s resolutions to lose weight prior to that, but I never made another after. And why would I? I knew at that time that it was for good — something I was committed to for the rest of my life, every day, every choice.

If I could bottle and sell whatever hit me five and a half years ago (!) I could make a killing, huh?

I will tell you that I didn’t write out any sort of plan for my weight loss; I simply decided to eat less, move more, and it evolved from there, as I learned more about nutrition and discovered I have a passion for fitness. The lists I tend to make are of the daily to-do variety, not long-term goals.

If you’ve resolved to lose weight, my advice to you is this: Start now. I don’t care if you had a box of Little Debbies for breakfast or if you just downed a super-size order of fries. It starts right this second, with the next thing you put in your mouth and your next opportunity to get moving. Seriously, just do it. You’ll figure out what works for you as you go along.

Which, I happen to think, is pretty good advice for any resolution, plan, dream, goal and, well, life in general.

It works for us, anyway.